We Are Advancing Battery Management

Rooted in innovation, Midtronics has a leading portfolio of patents and technologies. Our creativity, expertise, and commitment to ongoing development have made us an industry leader and a valued partner for our customers.


Midtronics products are designed to meet a variety of battery and electrical system service requirements and unique service applications.


Midtronics was founded on innovation and technical expertise. Our significant portfolio of patents and other intellectual property enable us to create proprietary technologies to keep pace with evolving vehicle systems.



Midtronics pioneered conductance technology for battery testing more than 35 years ago and it’s part of every battery analyzer and diagnostic charger that bears the Midtronics name.

  • Proprietary algorithms utilize multiple conductance measurements, battery temperature, and voltage to provide a detailed picture of a battery’s performance capabilities and predict when it is nearing end-of-life
  • Midtronics conductance technology is the required test method for battery warranty decisions at most automotive OEMs worldwide
Diagnostic Charging
Midtronics diagnostic chargers use an interactive process that combines multiple diagnostic and recovery charging stages to reduce battery service time compared to standard chargers. Diagnostic chargers test the battery while charging the battery, monitoring continuously to determine battery status / viability and the required charging time. Midtronics diagnostic charging is the required equipment for warranty decisions at most automotive OEMs worldwide.
Conductance Profiling™

Conductance Profiling combines existing Midtronics conductance algorithms with new proprietary technology to identify batteries with poor cranking capability or diminished Reserve Capacity. Most newer vehicles utilize their battery to support vehicle accessories and improve fuel economy, which makes the Reserve Capacity of a battery important for vehicle performance.

A battery with weak Reserve Capacity may start the car once and pass a simple cranking test but a small engine-off load (e.g. car door open) could create a no-start situation. Conductance Profiling technology ensures service readiness for emerging vehicle systems, batteries, and new points of battery failure. This technology has been adopted by many automotive OEMs.

Dynamic Charge Acceptance

Released in 2018, Dynamic Charge Acceptance represents a reinvention of diagnostic charging technology and delivers significant improvements in speed to decision and accuracy. Combined with Conductance Profiling, Dynamic Charge Acceptance diagnoses 99% of batteries in 5 minutes or less to avoid time wasted charging bad batteries.

Comprehensive detection diagnostics assess a range of additional battery conditions to deliver a comprehensive picture of the battery’s condition:

  • Charge acceptance
  • Defect and degradation
  • Cold battery
  • Deep discharge
  • Stratification
  • Internal battery temperature

This technology has already been adopted by several automotive OEMs.

Electric / Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Since introducing the industry’s first high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) / hybrid EV (HEV) battery service and de-power tool in 2010, Midtronics has worked closely with manufacturers to develop custom solutions in the fast-growing EV, HEV, and PHEV markets.

We deployed xEV service programs with many OEMs over the last 10 years to enable dealer-level diagnostics and service at the full pack or individual module level. A number of automotive OEMs have already committed to adoption of our next generation xEV solutions at launch in 2019/2020.


Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) offers a more reliable way to assess the functionality of an alternator without removing it from the vehicle. DSP analyzes the amplitude level and frequency of the ripple pattern and combines that data with a scope function to more accurately assess diode and stator issues. DSP quickly and more accurately assesses open or shorted diodes and open-phase conditions that often go undiagnosed with conventional test methods.
Battery Warranty Test Codes
Midtronics has helped OEM dealers, aftermarket battery retailers and service shops save millions of dollars by developing encrypted test codes and battery testing methodology to ensure that batteries replaced under warranty were tested and actually required replacement. Customers using the test codes to help manage the program were able to drive down unnecessary battery warranty expense.
Heavy-Duty Battery Pack Testing
Midtronics developed diagnostic equipment and a specialized testing routine to test the entire pack to determine if all of the batteries and connections are good. If the pack passes initial testing, it is unnecessary to break down the pack and test each battery in the pack individually. This reduces the time and expense required to test all of the batteries in a pack every time and puts the vehicle back into service with minimal downtime.
Enhanced Battery Temperature

Lead acid battery performance suffers in both cold and hot environments. Midtronics DCA-8000 uses Enhanced Battery Temperature Technology to monitor temperature during the charge cycle and better assess the internal battery temperature and health, resulting in faster charge times.

Cold Battery Diagnostic Charging
Cold batteries often appear like bad batteries, but they are actually recoverable. As a result, they can be difficult to charge and diagnose. Midtronics DCA-8000 uses Cold Battery Diagnostic Charging to quickly diagnose and effectively charge cold batteries.